Jubillant American

I have to confess, I watched coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee with baited breathe. My telee (as the Brits say) was locked on BBC America.
It was touch and go for a while, what with Princess Diana becoming the superstar royal that she was. Let us not forget Sarah Ferguson and her toe-sucking boyfriend.
You knew times were changing when the Queen consented to pay taxes. Shocking!
And then the death of Diana shocked the world.
Surely that was the end of the Winsors.

It seems so long ago now.
Despite it all, there is something to be said for tradition and I enjoyed every minute of it; wishing over and again that I were there in person. Those Brits certainly put a show on for their monarch.
Lets face it, it was a twist of fate that put Elizabeth on the throne. How remarkable is it that she is still there?
How remarkable is it that she has been so well suited to the task?
The Dianas and Fergies not withstanding; she is still there.
And who would have imagined Camilla Parker Bowles alongside her in the royal carriage?
Not I.

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