Dorothy learned she had the power to get home all along.
She needed to breathe and affirm there’s no place like home. Over and over again, while clicking those ruby slippers.

Breathing is a practice and a skill. When I take the time to breathe, I can hear and feel the singular truth that is meant only for me. I don’t need to talk things through with a friend or therapist and I don’t need to keep negative experiences at the front of my mind. I’ve looked at my past and I no longer see negativity and pain. I see experiences, lessons and growth.
No two diamonds are alike and every living being is like a diamond. The journey of my life is like none other. There might be similarities but no two people have the same experience, under the same circumstance, in the same way. There is always a difference. My decision to experience life rather than manage it, has allowed me to navigate with relative ease.

Today I am exactly where I am supposed to be. It all looks strangely similar but the change in my perception has allowed every experience to deposit an energy that is positively brilliant.


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