Stop The Madness?

Whatever happened to Susan Powter?
Who is Susan Powter, you ask?

Susan Powter was the fitness guru of the 1990’s. She had a platinum mohawk and there was no where to hide from one of her infomercials.
Her personal story was all about her life as a couch potato. One day she miraculously saw the light and got off the couch. She began working out and participating in life.
She inspired a lot of people and she had great catch phrases for the yo-yo dieter:
 ” you gotta eat, you gotta breathe, you gotta move” and she would scream “stop the madness!”

I thought of Susan Powter today because I think I’ve gained a good 6 pounds over the past 2 weeks.
Really. I can’t seem to stop eating. Actually, I don’t want to stop but the sense that I could not stop if I tried is a bit unsettling. All I want is food, and not just any food.

It is time once again for me to reconsider my diet. Of course, I don’t want to deprive myself, but a few changes need to be made. But can I stand it?

quiche & salad

iced latte

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